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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


First up in wildfire news today, Susan Nissman, Senior Deputy to Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, sent along a disaster survival guide she helped prepare that was developed for Southern California's Topanga Canyon, but whose tenets could be applied to many other regions as well - the most important of those being that varied groups need to work together in preparation for, and reaction to, disasters (1); something that they could have probably used in Haiti, as Los County Fire Department is prepping their USAR teams to deploy to the earthquake zone (2). In a followup to yesterday's lead article, the Los Angeles County Supervisors voted unanimously to initiate a study on an automated wildfire detection system, with skeptics weighing in on whether the technology for such a system even exists (3). San Diego's Ham radio operators, who have helped relay wildfire information to county residents in the past, are concerned they may be out of business if a new ordinance limiting the size of their antenna arrays goes into effect (4); but a trailer containing $10,000 worth of tools used to help families impacted by the 2007 San Diego wildfires was stolen (5). Two wildfires burning near Tucson, Arizona, have charred over 1,000 acres between them (6); even as communities along Colorado's Front Range work with USFS to clear hazardous vegetation in preparation for their own fire season (7). Firefighters in Florida plan to burn off about 5,000 acres of vegetation today and tomorrow (8); in part, to eliminate plants killed by freezing temperatures that have visited the region recently (9). Having been awarded $5 million for a wildfire protection project, a Canadian community in British Columbia now needs to hammer out a plan for using the funds wisely (10). The US has donated $700,000 to Colombia, which has been coping with numerous wildfires across that South American country (11). Nearly 1,000 acres burned in a wildfire in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan (12); and their neighbor Nepal has one burning at an altitude of over 15,000 feet! (13) Opposition politicians are perplexed about the Australian Capital Territory government's plan to conduct a second test of their bushfire warning system in the midst of a hot spell (14); while a second bushfire has ignited in the southern part of Western Australia's capital, Perth (15). Reflecting the same problems Victoria had with their bushfire information website, Tasmania recorded over 3 million hits on their bushfire information site yesterday as residents panicked, crashing that website as well (16); and Opposition politicians have been quick to point out the government's failure to provide a reliable service (17); even as a quartet of heli-tankers were brought in to battle a blaze in the Central Highlands (18). Firefighters in Victoria are taking advantage of four days of cooler temperatures with precipitation to snuff remaining blazes as the bushfire situation improves (19); while rangers at Victoria's Grampians National Park commended campers and visitors for their orderly response to bushfire warnings (20). A team of 15 fire experts from the US and Canada arrived in Victoria to assist with bushfires (21); with a more detailed profile of one of the team members provided by the next article (22). And finally, Sam the koala, the little bear who epitomized survival and perseverance after the Black Saturday bushfires, has become a part of Australia's history in a display at the Melbourne Museum.

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