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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


A fire prevention specialist at CAL FIRE offered useful tips to homeowners in Auburn, California, on how to protect their homes with defensible space (1); while a pair of air-tankers assisted CAL FIRE firefighters battling a 15-acre wildfire in Catheys Valley (2). After a lightning bust in which 800 lightning strikes ignited at least five wildfires, firefighters in Central Oregon have a bit of work ahead (3); prompting closure of Highway 293, as several structures were destroyed (4). A dozen prescribed fires, ranging between 50 and 2000 acres, are in the offing for Arizona's Kaibab National Forest over the next few months (5); where salvage logging will also recommence (6). A New Mexico-based power utility may be held responsible for the 156,593-acre Las Conchas Fire (7); and a 5-acre wildfire was reported near Clark Fork, Idaho (8). Numerous wildfires occurred around Tulsa, Oklahoma, destroying at least eight homes (9); and a Chinook helicopter from Tinker Air Force Base assisted firefighters battling a wildfire in Oklahoma City that destroyed three structures yesterday (10). National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Texas Forest Service have teamed up to do an intense study of recent wildfires with an eye towards building more fire-resistant structures in the future (the first report from this study can be viewed here) (11). Montana Department of Natural Resources reported a number of lightning-sparked wildfires in their state, where an estimated one million lightning strikes occurred in the month of July (12); even as firefighters are finally beginning to suppress a wildfire which has burned 40 acres in the Helena National Forest (13); while a wildfire burning near Paradise has scorched between 50 and 60 acres so far (14); and seven small wildfires were started by lightning near Ulm (15). A 150-acre wildfire was burning in Hempstead County, Arkansas, yesterday (16); one of seven wildfires reportedly burning in that state (17); another 130-acre blaze being reported in the Ouachita National Forest (18). A study from the University of Alaska Fairbanks showed that a wildfire which burned on Alaska's North Slope in 2007 released an inordinate amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (19). Although British Columbia, Canada, has enjoyed a quiet fire season, an announcement from B.C. Coastal Fire Service could change all that (20); while a fire ban has been put in place in Eastern Manitoba as wildfire conditions became more serious (21); and firefighters from Minnesota ventured north to Ontario to help battle wildfires that have blackened 615,000 hectares so far this year (22); their numbers adding to an estimated 1,700 firefighters who continued to fight 140 wildfires in that province (23); even as Canada's Power Workers Union and The Society of Energy Professionals raised $40,000 to help people impacted by Ontario's wildfires (24). UK fire officials began a public school education campaign to reduce the incidence of teens lighting wildfires like the one that devastated Swinley Forest (25); while Greece dispatched 100 firefighters, two helicopters and six planes to help battle wildfires on the Aegean island of Corfu (26). A 200-acre wildfire that burned in Sri Lanka's Watagalakande Forest Reservation has been extinguished (27); but highway workers may have dislodged boulders which sparked a wildfire when they hit power poles in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan (28). One year after Australia's Royal Bushfire Commission issued its 67 recommendations to prevent a repeat of the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, the official monitor is critical of the slow progress by the government in implementing changes (29). A bushfire which has burned for two days near Monduran, Queensland, has homeowners on edge (30); and a bushfire near Gladstone prompted officials to evacuate civilians in the area (31); while fire officials worried that numerous grass fires that have cropped up for the past week in that state may be a portent of things to come (32). And finally, firefighters in Wentzville, Missouri, had to perform an unusual extrication: getting a child out of a gun safe!

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