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Monday, March 21, 2011


Santa Cruz County's Resource Conservation District unveiled its chipper program for 2011 as part of that California county's Community Wildfire Protection Plan (1); while a 500-acre wildfire burning in Southern Arizona is now 30% contained (2). A wildfire near Golden, Colorado, has grown to 700 acres in size (3); and firefighters in Pueblo County battled a 10-acre wildfire (4); while the next article explores the tricky process of forecasting weather around wildfires (5). A firefighter suffered a facial injury while battling a grass fire near Oklahoma City (6) ; where the wildfire threat remained high as the new week begins (7). A snapshot of wildfire activity in the state of Texas over the weekend is provided by the next item (8); followed by an article about how Texas Forest Service helicopters drew water from cattle tanks to help battle a blaze in San Jacinto County (9); even as firefighters struggled to protect homes north of Houston threatened by a wildfire that had burned 350 acres by Sunday night (10); while wildfire survivors in the Panhandle were treated to a Wildfire Benefit Ranch Rodeo as part of the fundraising efforts to help get them back on their feet (11). Target shooters are believed to be responsible for a 30 to 40-acre wildfire reported in Seward County, Kansas (12); but Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality ran into a chorus of protests from homeowners after imposing a burn ban to reduce the wildfire danger (13). The value of controlled burns in the ecological health of forest preserves will be discussed at a presentation entitled "Introduction to Prescription Burns", to be held in DuPage County, Illinois, April 10th (14); while a small wildfire was reported in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri (15). After battling 79 wildfires that burned 2,632 acres, the Arkansas Forestry Commission provides some useful tips in the next item on how to reduce the danger of wildfires (16); the following article providing a satellite-eye view of the smoke plumes from those fires (17). US Forest Service will be setting fire to 430 acres in Alabama's Talladega National Forest today, part of 28,000 acres to be burned off across the state (18); and the Shawangunk Ridge Biodiversity Partnership is showcased in the next article from Upstate New York (19). An article from Washington DC takes a look at how new US Forest Service regulations for Type III helicopters could cost contractors an additional $50,000 if they wish to participate in call-when-needed contracts (20). Rowan County, North Carolina, scene of several wildfires earlier this year, is considering raising the fire tax as the number of property owners declines (21); but a car fire may have led to a wildfire that burned 60 acres, destroying several structures outside of Fayetteville (22); even as firefighters in Horry County, South Carolina, fought a seven-acre wildfire on Saturday (23). Firefighters in Brevard County, Florida, fought a wildfire that briefly closed an on ramp to Interstate 95 (24); while Florida Division of Forestry firefighters fought a 25-acre blaze in St. Johns County (25); and another blaze reported in Walton County burned 100 acres before being brought under control (26). A wildfire displaced 400 families and destroyed 33 homes in Adamawa, Nigeria (27); but India's Pallikaranai Marsh is shaping up to be a battleground between the company which owns the property and environmentalists who want to save what's left of the ecosystem in the aftermath of a wildfire (28). Fire trainees in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan got there first real-time wildfire experience battling a blaze near Changangkha lhakhang (29); while firefighters on New Zealand's South Island battled a small bushfire in the Moutere Hills (30). Although there is no immediate threat from a bushfire burning in Western Australia's South Eneabba Nature Reserve, fire officials provided some safety tips to homeowners in the next article (31); but as demolition of homes begins in the community of Roleystone, a Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements spokesman comments on the cost of the cleanup from that devastating bushfire (32). And finally, despite a few burns, a pair of baby squirrels survived an Oklahoma wildfire!

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