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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


An Op-Ed piece from San Diego County, California, leads off Wildfire News Of The Day, in which a fire district director decries attempts by county supervisors to expand a housing development in wildfire country (1); and faced with millions of acres of beetle-killed trees (and the prospect that every lodgepole pine in their state could be dead within a decade), Colorado politicians are pressing the federal government for funds to help fight the problem plaguing their state (2). A trio of studies found that wildfire in the Gallatin National Forest is the number one threat to Bozeman, Montana's, water supply (3); while Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources is expecting over 100 wildfires this season, and has already gotten off to a brisk start (4). In response to the treacherous conditions firefighters in New Jersey faced battling a wind-driven wildfire last weekend, selective thinning of trees in the area will be implemented in the future to prevent a recurrence (5). There's a bit of a spat on Capital Hill over the Federal Communications Commission's plans to auction off a portion of the radio spectrum set aside for First Responders, something that fire chiefs feel could impact their communications during emergencies (including, presumably, wildfires) (6). Florida firefighters planned prescribed burns in Brevard County's Malabar Scrub Sanctuary (7); but with the official start of wildfire season fast approaching, fire officials met to discuss plans for dealing with wildfires (8); fortunately, however, the Treasure Coast is facing a reduced threat for the moment following a rainstorm (9). An Op-Ed piece by the CEO of the Biomass Power Association discusses the benefits of forest biomass conversion to society and the environment (10). Fires in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, were battled by volunteer firefighters (11); while the Acting Director of Dominica's Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division has issued a warning about the danger of bushfires in the continuing drought on that Caribbean island (12). An out-of-control jhum (agricultural) fire destroyed dozens of homes in Assam, India (13); and one forestry official believes loggers may have deliberately set a wildfire in the Chandpai Range (14). A farmer burning fields in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan caused some property damage when the fires escaped his control (15); while a wildfire near a shrine on the Thai island of Phuket was stopped before reaching nearby homes (16); and a wildfire in Cambodia's Oddar Meanchey province burned a few acres over the weekend (17). Australians in Rockhampton, Queensland, will receive a $10 or $20 refund for using their own water to douse bushfires threatening their homes last October (18). It will be the battle of the brigades in Whittlesea, Victoria, this weekend, as members of Country Fire Authority show off their firefighting prowess at the Rural Fire Brigades State Championships (19); but a more somber reminder of Black Saturday victims is also being planned in that community (20). Three articles from the Royal Bushfire Commission hearings chronicle stories of life and death during Black Saturday (21)(22)(23). Residents of Bendigo would like the Department of Sustainability and Environment to concentrate on burning off grass, rather than forests (24); while an electronic fire sensor competition in Victoria may be running into unexpected resistance from human fire-spotters fearing for their jobs (25). And finally, the next IED (Improvised Explosive Device) you hear may be a training exercise by your local fire department!

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