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Monday, February 16, 2009


First up in wildfire news today, an article submitted by Bill Hoffman of San Diego Regional Fire Safety Forum providing a multi-pronged approach to California's wildfire problem, followed by one about six wildfire recovery centers that have been set up in San Diego County to help people impacted by the 2007 wildfires there. Those who are interested in winning federal contracts for firefighting are encouraged to attend a seminar at next week's Heli-Expo in Anaheim, California. USFS in Utah is planning to hire more firefighters there to add to the 18,000 they typically employ nationwide each fire season, but Oklahoma fire agencies are bracing again for potential wildfires as the weather changes. Heading overseas, a helicopter crash in Chile brings back memories of a similar crash in Northern California last year, while in Bhutan, government officials are pleased to see fewer forest fires after an extensive public education campaign in that country. A quintet of arson suspects have been charged in China following a fatal forest fire last week, and the hunt is on for suspected arsonists in Indonesia as nearly 100,000 acres of industrial timber plantations burned there. On the technology front, a Scottish company has won an award from their government to deploy a satellite that could spot wildfires from space. Memorial services took place across Australia as the body count continued to grow, while dozens of local government agencies in Australia are pouring resources into the areas hit by bushfires, but, in another example of greed overcoming compassion, a trio of thieves stole bushfire relief money from a bowling alley. In echoes of the court battles in California over powerline-caused wildfires, an Australian firm is being sued by residents for fires suspected to have been caused by their equipment, but some 80 wineries in Australia were hard-hit by recent bushfires, causing many in Australia's third largest agricultural export industry to despair. A campaign to keep smokers from tossing cigarettes into vegetation looks to link the practice to littering, leveling fines against violators, and firefighters from New Zealand successfully protected Melbourne's water supply from bushfires. The man accused of starting the Churchill Fire on a forest plantation has been identified, while an Australian woman was granted a reduced sentence after being caught in the act of lighting two blazes, incensing firefighters.

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