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Monday, March 28, 2011


The National Interagency Fire Center reported 21 active large fires in 11 drought-stricken states in the West/Midwest region in the past week, burning 80,292 acres (1); while U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell will do a flyover of the Schultz Fire burn area outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, today (2). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Fire Information Officer for New Mexico State Forestry, sent along a press release about the advent of Wildfire Awareness Week in a state which has already seen numerous wildfires this year (3); where a wildfire that burned 100 acres in the Santa Fe National Forest is nearing full containment (4); even as arson inspectors received training from Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service instructors (5). Controlled burns in Colorado's Pueblo Mountain Park are the topic of the next article (6); and the impact of wildfires on that state's water, property rights and environmental issues is explored in the one that follows (7). Although the wildfire danger has diminished in some parts of the state, Texas Forest Service said that the wildfire danger was still extreme in the West (8); prompting TFS to issue an outdoor burn warning (9). A controversial plan to harvest timber to reduce the wildfire threat in Montana’s Powder River County is revisited in the next article (10); but after an abundance of wildfires burned 900 acres in Harrison County, Mississippi, firefighters feel many may have been arson (11). A Pennsylvania wildfire is thought to have been started by discarded ashes which still contained embers (12); while residents of Naugatuck, Connecticut, were warned about the wildfire danger outdoor burning poses today (13). Residents of Hunterdon, New Jersey, were warned about the danger of outdoor burning causing wildfires as Red Flag conditions were predicted (14); said conditions sparking a blaze which New Jersey Forest Fire Service firefighters battled near Toms River (15). A wildfire that burned 14 mi.² on North Carolina's Camp Lejeune was 75% contained after efforts by US Forest Service and US Marine firefighters (16). In spite of hopeful forecasts, light rainfall did little to diminish wildfires burning in Southeast Georgia over the weekend (17); West Jackson Fire Department responding to a number of small wildfires in their area (18). A wildfire that burned 40 acres in Brevard County, Florida, was completely contained Saturday night (19); but as if their state hasn't had enough fires already, the Florida Division of Forestry is lighting a few more! (20) Bombardier Aircraft just sealed a deal for the sale of four CL-415 aircraft to an undisclosed customer, a contract which will yield $162 million, as well as a couple years of work for the Canadian-based company (21). The story of how German volunteers helped battle Athen's wildfires is provided by a story from Greece (22); and out of the ashes of the 8,000-acre Carmel Forest wildfire that devastated Israel late last year have arisen opportunities for Jewish chapters around the world to help rehabilitate burn areas (23). In Africa, Uganda's National Forest Authority reported a 100-hectare bushfire in the Gulu District (24). A wildfire in India's Banaskantha District threatened animals in a wildlife sanctuary (25); while the consequences of wildfires in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan, where an average of 64 blazes occur each year, is explored in the next item (26). With the end of bushfire danger in parts of Victoria, Australia, fire bans are being lifted so that property owners are free to clear overgrown vegetation from their land (27); followed by some details on historical bushfire activity in that state's Loddon Mallee region (28). A five-year project sponsored by New South Wales' University of Newcastle and Boeing Research & Technology Australia will seek to use unmanned aerial vehicles for, among other things, tracking bushfires (29); while residents of the community of Ku-ring-gai, which has 13,000 homes located in bushfire-prone areas, weighed in on the bushfire danger (30). A bushfire was reported in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, Sunday (31). And finally, an article from Popular Science covering the 241st National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society details how electric current could replace water for firefighting in the future!

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