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Saturday, February 12, 2011


A small wildfire was ignited by a US Forest Service truck which plunged 300' off a road in Kern County, California, yesterday, the driver being airlifted to a hospital in Bakersfield (1); and CAL FIRE investigators are deeming a small wildfire that broke out on the grounds of UC Santa Cruz suspicious (2). In a followup to an article earlier this week about a prescribed burn in Arizona's Madera Canyon, more details on the process and benefits of controlled burns are provided (3); meanwhile, Arizona Game and Fish workers who accidentally started a wildfire in the Coconino National Forest that eventually burned 523 acres and cost $345,000 to suppress will not be fined by authorities (4). A Florida Division of Forestry wildfire mitigation specialist weighs in on the wildfire threat to the Everglades from campers in the next article (5); but Alaska's national parks are increasingly at risk from wildfires as scientists report three times the temperature rise of any other US state (6). Reignition of a debris pile fire is being blamed for a wildfire in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan that scorched 30 acres (7); while in Australia, representatives from the Tasmania Fire Service evaluated the bushfire safety of all schools in that state and provided the information to the Minister for Education and Skills (8). An off-duty policeman who accidentally started the bushfire that devastated Perth Hills, Western Australia, keeps wishing he could wake up and find it was all just a bad dream (9); but a city council is under fire for prohibiting controlled burns in Banyowla Regional Park, something which added to the devastation done by the Perth Hills blaze (10); while FESA called in air strikes on a bushfire near Muchea, one of several they battled yesterday (11); giving the all-clear today for evacuees to return home (12). And finally, there was a happy ending for a wayward roo caught in the Perth Hills bushfires, but rescued by firefighters!

(1) Forest Service Employee Injured as Truck Plunges off Kern Canyon Rd.

(2) Small wildfire near Empire Grade Road quickly extinguished

(3) Fire now fights fires yet to come

(4) No fine for big wildfire

(5) State urges fire prevention vigilance in Everglades, beyond

(6) Climate change keenly felt in Alaska's national parks

(7) Culprit was a dung pyre

(8) Schools Assessed for Bushfire Risk

(9) Fire accused Bob Stevens: 'I am still hoping it's a bad dream'

(10) Armadale Council relied on bright spark for fire plan

(11) Muchea fire out of control

(12) WA bushfire emergency cancelled

(13) Chloe survives hills bushfire

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