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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


$16.5 million later, a three-mile stretch of newly-repaired Angeles Crest Highway, devastated by Southern California's Station Fire in 2009, will reopen (1); while an article from San Diego County demonstrates how effective early air attack on wildfires can be with the recounting of a story from last August (2). As the California governor swings the budget ax, some of CAL FIRE's cuts may impact San Diego County (3); more details about cuts being provided in the following article from Central California (4). South Dakota's Wind Cave National Park will be burning approximately 1,000 slash piles this coming week (5). Although rain has fallen in Florida, at least two counties still face a major wildfire threat (6)(7); and a burn ban in St. Johns County has been extended for the same reason (8). In the aftermath of wildfires that destroyed 5 million trees, Israel is faced with a puzzle as to what types of trees should replace them (9); but two youngsters are to blame for setting a wildfire in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan (10). There has been a change in federal guidelines for disaster relief in Australia (11); while a British journalist recalls his initial impressions with a Western Australian bushfire (12); said fire having destroyed 10 homes already, kindling public anger at the arsonist who set it (13). Tasmania is beefing up its aerial firefighting fleet by adding five helicopters to the inventory, to be supplemented by 18 others which are on call (14). And finally, the US military will be deploying a new surveillance drone in a few months that can display up to 64 separate images from on-board cameras, something that could display a wildfire's entire perimeter!

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(15) New US Drone ‘Can See Everything’

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