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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Animal Disaster Services will be involved in a wildfire training exercise in Prescott, Arizona, at the end of this month, our first wildfire story today (1). A battle is brewing in Basalt, Colorado, in regards to environmental groups lobbying for a wilderness declaration in an area near the town, something the fire department feels could elevate wildfire danger (2); while Garfield County unveiled a new warning system that can be used to notify residents of such natural disasters as wildfires via pager, e-mail, or cell phone (3). Dry, windy conditions will have firefighters in Southern Texas on alert for the next few days (4); and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation reminded residents of a burn ban through the middle of May (5); but as winter storm debris has piled up after heavy snowfall, firefighters in New England are actually having to battle debris fires while the ground is still frozen! (6) A pair of blazes in Southwest Virginia kept firefighters busy (7). In the wake of an 1,800 acre wildfire along the coast of Hawaii's Big Island, the Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization will be hosting a Community Wildfire Protection Plan meeting tomorrow to discuss future strategy with residents of South Kona (8). After a record year for wildfires in British Columbia in 2009, crews at the Coastal Fire Centre are preparing for an early start to this year's wildfires (9); the importance of which was underscored by a report from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of several wildfires that sprouted around Castlegar (10). The heath was ablaze at an Army camp near Dorset, UK, forcing firefighters to use beaters and water cannons to douse it (11). A wind-driven wildfire burned some structures as well as forest in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan (12); and another wildfire wiped out some valuable crops and damaged a wind-power facility in western India (13). Wildfires continue to plague the Cordillera Administrative Region in the Philippines (14); while the ongoing drought in Malaysia is providing at least three wildfire calls per day to firefighters on the island of Labuan (15); and fires continued to spread on the mainland as well (16). In a followup to yesterday's story about bushfires burning in the island nation of Singapore, air quality is deteriorating as bushfires continue to burn there (17). The travelling court instituted by Australian Capital Territory to investigate the 2003 bushfires paid a visit to a farm adjacent to Brindabella National Park to talk with residents (18). Firefighters from the DSE will be conducting controlled burns in Warrandyte State Park outside of Melbourne, Victoria (19); and Wildfire Safety Bunkers announced the first bushfire bunker approved by CSIRO and Country Fire Authority (20). In an era when fire towers are being phased out in favor of satellite, airborne, or tower-based camera systems, at least one high-tech fire tower remains in use in Victoria (21). As the bushfire relief efforts head to a conclusion, more than $8 million worth of goods and services have reached Black Saturday survivors (22); but a Rotary Club in New South Wales has raised a few thousand more to help out families in Victoria that are still in need (23). The University of Western Sydney's post-graduate bushfire studies program, which has been officially recognized, aims to provide "a superior level of understanding in the fundamentals of bushfire protection" to fire professionals in New South Wales (and presumably the rest of Australia as well) (24). Inquisitive Western Australian schoolkids got the opportunity to ask a FESA representative questions about a bushfire that had threatened their community some weeks back (25). And finally, recalling that saying about old soldiers fading away, our last story, from Arizona, shows that old Air Force pilots don't die, they become air-tanker pilots!

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