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Saturday, July 15, 2006


The Washington Post printed an article today about how a raging wildfire in California destroyed some homes, but spared some history (Wildfire Claims Homes and Spares Hollywood History). Some new history may be made this coming week. Authorities in state government (some say Governor Schwarzenegger himself) have pressed officials in the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) to expedite approval of the new DC-10 Supertanker. Sources tell me that Mike Padilla, the head of CDF aviation, will probably clear the 10-Tanker for action early next week. It's none too soon, as the fire has already burned thousands of acres (Calif. Fires Lead to State of Emergency), and this will hopefully lead to approval for the 10-Tanker by the US Forest Service and by other state fire services as well. When I spoke to Jack Maxey, one of the 10-Tanker pilots, in January, he was itching to get at the prairie fires that were devastating Texas and Oklahoma at that time. I'm sure there will be no one happier than him if the 10-Tanker gets the green light next week. Go get 'em, Jack! Visit my website at to see some cool footage we shot up at Victorville last December when the DC-10 was going through part of its certification. Let me know what you think at my e-mail:


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