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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Los Angeles County Fire Department is moving ahead with plans to expand a helipad for firefighting helicopters in the Southern California community of Diamond Bar (1); and Ruidoso, New Mexico's, Municipal Airport was commended for support of air-tankers battling last summer's Little Bear Fire (2). In Colorado, Pueblo Board of Water Works will pay US Forest Service $50,000 to thin 81 acres of timber to reduce the impact of fires on watershed (3); while the City of Colorado Springs held a wildfire preparedness meeting to discuss how better to deal with emergencies like last year's Waldo Canyon Fire, which destroyed 340 homes (4); something of increased importance considering the fact that the feds removed $125 million in relief funds for that wildfire from the Hurricane Sandy aid bill (5); this at a time when the federal government's National Climate Assessment predicts a trend of worsening wildfires in Colorado and the West (6). Fire Boss is relocating an AT-802 to Leesburg, Florida, to bolster firefighting efforts in future wildfires (7). Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, is asking for more details on how FireSmart landscaping will impact the community as part of a proposed Community Wildfire Protection Plan (8); but a new study from Britain indicates that smoke particles, such as those issuing forth from wildfires, have a greater impact on global warming that previously thought (9). A retrospective on Canberra, Australia's, devastating 2003 bushfire is provided by a famous survivor (10). Country Fire Authority firefighters raced to squelch a 4-hectare bushfire near Myrtleford before the winds arrived (11); predicted conditions prompting the stand-to of 8,000 CFA firefighters statewide (12); this at a time when the CFA is trying out a pill which allows them to keep track of a firefighter's core temperature while working on the fireline (13). Fire crews battled a lightning-sparked grass fire in Queensland's Fairbairn State Forest (14). Over 100 evacuees will be allowed a short visit to their residences after a bushfire blazed through northwest New South Wales, but authorities have asked them not to disturb any debris as the area is being treated as a crime scene (15); while an Op-Ed piece from the former deputy commissioner of the NSW Fire Brigade cites studies by the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre in discussing how bushfires in Australia may be changing for the worse (16); and the Warrumbungle Shire Council is setting up a bushfire relief fund for survivors (17). Country Fire Service is bracing for dangerous bushfire conditions in South Australia predicted for tomorrow (18). Tasmania's Greens continued their pressure on the state government, arguing that more money should be allocated to prescribed burns to prevent catastrophic bushfires (19); in the meantime, the state government has set up bushfire recovery grants (20); a British charity sending some relief to bushfire survivors in Tasmania (21). And finally, a new high-tech headset allows firefighters to keep in touch, map their location by GPS, and see through smoke!

(1) Helipad expansion in Diamond Bar increases fire suppression capacity

(2) New speed monitors to be posted on Hull Road

(3) Water board OKs forest-thinning pac

(4) City urges residents to prepare for wildfires

(5) House Sandy aid bill excludes wildfire recovery money

(6) Study: Global warming means more wildfires

(7) Wipaire bringing Fire Boss plane to Leesburg

(8) Maple Ridge wants more details on wildfire zone

(9) Soot causes twice as much global warming as previously thought

(10) Marathon man's recovery from tragic fires

(11) Bushfire sparks warning

(12) Victoria faces another bushfire test

(13) Tiny pill joins the firefighting effort

(14) Firefighters at grass fire in Fairbairn State Forest

(15) Bushfire evacuees allowed to visit homes

(16) Burning desire to stop the winds of change fanning bushfire risk

(17) Preparations for bushfire appeal & recovery

(18) Warnings of severe fire danger in South Australia tomorrow

(19) Greens call for forest fund spending on bushfire prevention

(20) Tassie bushfire grants

(21) Helston charity ShelterBox sends help to bush fire victims

(22) Headset Allows Firefighters To See Beyond Smoke

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