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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We lead off with some important tips on how best to select wildland firefighting apparatus today (1). The first in a series of articles from Rancho Santa Fe, California, looks at the hazard posed by an epidemic which has killed off many of the red gum trees, providing perfect fuel for wildfires (2); while the National Incident Management Organization was called in to investigate prosecution of Plumas County's Chips Fire, which burned 75,000 acres and cost $54 million to suppress (3). Oregon Senator Ron Wyden commented on a fire season that cost the state $250 million to suppress, scorching 1.48 million acres in the process (4); a speaker at the Columbia Gorge Earth Center examining how modern culture is dangerously resistant to the realities of wildfires (5). Ballot Question 405 will determine whether residents of Flagstaff, Arizona, will pay $10 million to perform thinning operations in the Coconino National Forest (6). A summary of wildfire activity across Colorado is provided by the next article (7); where a 300-acre wildfire is burning on the eastern end of Rocky Mountain National Park (8); while two members of the Forest Health Task Force discussed the link between climate change, forest health, and wildfires (9); four congressmen using Wildfire Awareness Month to advocate effective policies in forest management (10). After a year in which thousands of acres of timber have gone up in smoke, Idaho Forest Products Commission is advocating new bumper stickers which proclaim "Thin The Threat" (11); the next article taking a look at the fire season in that state and advocating Fire Adapted Communities to counter wildfires (12); and the US Forest Service will provide $4.5 million in funding to support rehabilitation of timber burned in Boise National Forest by the Trinity Ridge Fire (13). As firefighters brought Montana's 10,515-acre Millie Fire to 90% containment, some trails are reopening (14); while Bessey Ranger District in the Nebraska National Forest has reopened campgrounds that were closed during a 1,000-acre wildfire in July (15). Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources has posted a $6,000 reward for information about who may have set a wildfire which forced the evacuation of Karlstad (16). Tennessee's Division of Forestry and Division of Fire Prevention emphasized the danger posed by the forest fire season, which begins October 15th (17); but although Congress has restored Forest Management Funds used by US Forest Service to fight wildfires, some critics charge that they should have put more money in the pot (18). New construction in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, will require more stringent permits to reduce the danger from wildfires (19); while politicians debated the vices and virtues of a plan to deal with beetle-infested stands of timber (20). Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development reported a spike in human-caused wildfires this fire season (21). Although there are currently 21 fires active in Ontario, wet weather has effectively dampened any new starts (22); while the next article explores the Ontario Forestry Branch (23). Firefighters made progress battling a wildfire in Bulgaria's Vitosha Mountain Range outside of the capital of Sofia (24); but firefighters in Christchurch, New Zealand, are gearing up for what could be an active season in the Wildland Urban Interface (25). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Nathan Maddock, Communications Officer at Australia-based Bushfire CRC, sent along their October newsletter (26); and New South Wales' Rural Fire Service crews have contained an 1,850-hectare bushfire near Kyogle (27). Firefighters in Queensland successfully squelched an eight-hectare bushfire north of Mt Tabor yesterday (28); but the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a high fire danger for the Toowoomba region and Darling Downs today (29). And finally, firefighters in Beltsville, Maryland, used to getting cats out of trees, had a slightly different drill this time: getting a kitten out of an engine block!

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(14) Two Gallatin National Forest trails reopen in Millie Fire area

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(16) Investigators: NW Minnesota wildfire that caused Karlstad evacuation 'likely arson'

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(29) High fire danger for Downs

(30) Beltsville firefighters rescue kitten from car engine

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