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Monday, January 18, 2010


As a series of storms arrives in Southern California, US Forest Service and CAL TRANS have closed access to much of the Angeles National Forest, fearing floods and debris flows in areas denuded by the Station Fire, in our first wildfire-related story today (1); but the human tragedy that is the continuing legacy of the Station Fire is highlighted in two stories by the LA Times: a woman whose finances still suffer in the aftermath of the blaze (2) ; and an iconic restaurant along Angeles Crest Highway that may have to close (3). A US Forest Service plan to renovate several fire lookout towers in California for possible rental is explored by the next article (4); while a political solution to jurisdictional issues when fighting wildfires in Eastern Washington state's unincorporated areas looks to be near (5). Authorities are once again requesting the public's help in apprehending the individual who started Arizona's Five Fire (6); even as the debate continues in Colorado over a controversial theory that beetle-killed trees are actually a good thing (7). The Washington Post profiles the new director of a NASA department that uses satellites to detect forest fires (8); and two Dutch college students from the University of Amsterdam will get a chance to test out their theory on water repellence of soil after a wildfire in a microgravity experiment aboard a plummeting airliner (air-sickness bags are optional!) (9) The government of Chile has decided to invest $22 million in fire prevention and suppression (10); followed by another report of wildfires in the Asian nation of Nepal (11). A series of suspicious bushfires that have cropped up in New Zealand is under scrutiny by arson inspectors (12); and a parachute flare ignited a blaze that showed just how quickly bushfires can spread (13). An Australian government spokesman is encouraging Victorians to wear yellow ribbons in the days leading up to the first anniversary of Black Saturday in a remembrance of the victims (14); but some school children are finding a more artistic way to deal with memories of the event (15). A wine festival that has taken place in Victoria's Yarra Valley in February in past years will be moving to a different time of the year to avoid potential disruption by future bushfires (16); another symptom of the fact that bushfire danger is keeping tourists away from the region (17). Two locations in New South Wales have been designated as bushfire refuges by the government (18); but motorists in Western Australia driving near one of Australia's largest gold mines are being advised of smoky road conditions due to bushfires in the area (19). A homeless man was arrested in regards to a bushfire that ignited in South Australia Saturday (20). And finally, police officers in Lindsay, California, are cross-training to be firefighters (no doubt raising a question about the future of charity sport competitions in which police traditionally square off against firefighters)!

(1) Roads in Angeles National Forest closed as rains bear down

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(3) Owner says he may shut Newcomb's Ranch because of road closure

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(7) J.T. Coyoté: Poorly argued response

(8) Meet Daniel Irwin of NASA, a scientist focused on the Earth, not the stars

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(20) Man arrested near bushfire site

(21) Lindsay police officers train to become firefighters

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