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Friday, May 08, 2009


The Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara, California, dominates wildfire news again today, leading off with a story that shows what a difference a fire makes: starting the week with dire predictions of California state firefighting budget cuts, the governor ended the week by reassuring residents that the money to maintain public safety would be found; but with a third of its 90,000 residents evacuated, Santa Barbara is now on the front lines of a fire one firefighter called a 'blow torch'; Orange County Fire Authority has dispatched about 100 firefighters north to help with the Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara; CAL FIRE crews from all over the state are streaming to Santa Barbara, including this one from Calaveras County up north; more help is on the way from Stanislaus County; and a big aerial asset arrived over the firelines this morning, as the DC-10 joined an aerial armada of 13 fixed-wing and 15 helicopter air-tankers working the fire. LA Times reporter Bettina Boxall reveals how preparedness paid off in saving lives and homes in one Santa Barbara community; while the Ventura County firefighters caught in a burnover are heading to surgery today. Private firefighting firms were also busy in the area, as Chubb Insurance's Wildfire Defense Service is highlighted in the next article. A 75-acre wildfire was contained by firefighters in Southern California's Inland Empire on Thursday; but San Diego Gas & Electric has been given permission to continue discussing financial settlements with insurance companies, much to the chagrin of homeowners pressing their own lawsuit. The Navy and Marines were showing off their firefighting prowess at Camp Pendleton in San Diego County on Thursday; and as the bodies of two Marines were recovered from the wreckage of the AH-1W that crashed in San Diego County, firefighters had an additional hazard to deal with: live ordinance on the ground! A 140 acre wildfire in New Mexico that destroyed three homes is now 40% contained; and in another example of disasters bringing out the best in some people, New Mexican residents pulled together after that wildfire; while another wildfire has broken out in that state, fortunately not near any settlements. Colorado fire agencies will be getting $12.3 million to help prevent forest fires; and a detailed wildfire protection plan has been put together by fire agencies in a Colorado community. With an uptick in accidents across the state, Colorado is providing driver training on firefighting brush trucks; while Minnesota firefighters quickly snuffed a small grass fire Thursday. Georgia's governor has signed a bill that established a unified aerial firefighting command for that state. Canadian engineering students were showing off their Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) at a competition in New Brunswick, something that could be instrumental in developing UAVs for observing wildfires in Canada in the future. A small wildfire brewed up in a Saskatchewan, Canada, settlement; and fire officials in Ontario, Canada, are concerned about the damage being done to pines by insects, something that could lead to worse forest fires. A South African vintner is estimating hundreds of acres of wine grapes destroyed by veld fires there. An Australian trucker just couldn't get a break: harassed out of his prior home, his rental with all his possessions was destroyed in the Kinglake bushfires; but people burned out by the Black Saturday bushfires are reluctant to return to areas where so many died. And we conclude today with two tales of wildlife from Down Under: an update on the wildlife recovery in the bushfire burn areas of Victoria is chronicled; and baby kangaroos (known as 'joeys') orphaned by the Black Saturday bushfires are being cared for by some wildlife folks.

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Georgia governor signs aviation authority bill at Waycross-Ware County Airport

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Your morning adorable: Orphaned kangaroo joeys get a helping hand in Australia

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