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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We lead off today with an insightful treatise from former CAL FIRE Aviation Chief Mike Padilla on the need for a single national aerial firefighting agency (see attached); followed by a press release from Wildfire NOTD subscriber Tom Eversole, Executive Director of the American Helicopter Services & Aerial Firefighting Association, on the organization's efforts to modernize the large air-tanker fleet (1). Bipartisan efforts in the California legislature to repeal a $150 wildfire fee on rural properties in the state are meeting with success (2); while firefighters in San Mateo County are preparing for wildfire training the second week of April (3); and researchers from US Forest Service's Pacific Southwest Research Station and Spain's University of Córdoba discussed a new way to measure the economic impact of forest fires in the next article (4). A half-acre wildfire was reported in the southern part of Reno, Nevada (5); while two cousins who accidentally sparked a wildfire which burned 538,000 acres in Arizona and New Mexico last year have decided to change their plea (6). Wildfire NOTD subscriber Dan Ware, Fire Information Officer for New Mexico State Forestry, was quoted in the next article about that state's fire outlook (7); followed by a press release he sent along on their observance of Wildfire Prevention Weeks (8). Firefighters continued to battle a deadly wildfire that has scorched 3,050 acres in Jefferson County, Colorado, forcing the evacuation of 900 homes after destroying approximately two dozen (9); a second person having been found dead (10); while pollution from the smoke is causing problems for people with respiratory difficulties (11); but ironically, the wildfire may have resulted from the embers of a previous controlled burn (12); fire managers hoping to get aircraft into the air to battle the blaze today (13); and in the meantime, FEMA has agreed to cover 75% of the fire suppression costs (14); while two small wildfires in Boulder County's Lefthand Canyon have residents reconsidering a shooting range and off-road recreation area in the vicinity (15). Midland County, Texas, is working on a Community Wildfire Protection Plan in the wake of wildfires which blazed through the area last year (16); but as insurance agents were being inundated with phone calls last year during the Texas wildfires, one fact stood out: most homeowners didn't know what kind of coverage they had! (17) Wildfire NOTD subscriber Professor Ann Camp, a lecturer in Stand Dynamics and Forest Health at Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, sent along an article about a 40-acre wildfire in Connecticut's Devils Hopyard State Park (18); followed by some tips for homeowners in that state (19). A controlled wildfire broke containment lines in Volusia County, Florida, burning 130 additional acres (20); while dry conditions around Duval County, Florida, prompted fire agencies to warn residents of the extreme wildfire danger (21); and National Forests in Florida weighed in on the extreme fire danger across that state (22). A 17-acre wildfire was raging across, of all things, Britain's largest cemetery! (23) A wildfire in India's Anekadu Reserve Forest has burned between 800 and 1,000 acres (24); while another in Shirady Reserve Forest scorched 80 acres (25). Villagers from Samtse, Bhutan, are battling a wildfire across the border from a neighboring region in the Himalayas (26). Doom and gloom (and bushfires) are forecast in the latest Victorian Climate Change Act (27); however, an abundance of precipitation has forced fire managers in that Australian state to make some changes to their controlled burns program (28); while Ferny Creek will be getting a new high-tech siren control system to warn them of bushfire danger (29); but residents in the Macedon Ranges are concerned about how housing developments and bushfires will impact them in the future (30). And finally, bark beetles, which have killed millions of trees in North America, have even had an impact on a Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece in Poland!

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