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Monday, January 24, 2011


Starting off today's wildfire news in Southern California, San Diego County Fire Authority is taking over more firefighting responsibility for areas that have not been protected by them in the past (1); while an Op-Ed piece from Central California argues that it's time to take a more sensible approach to building housing developments in wildland areas in light of the current CAL FIRE budget cuts (2). Seeking to reduce the number of wildfires around their city, the Yuma, Arizona, Fire Department provides some tips in the next item (3); followed by a press release from FEMA that warns of the flood danger in parts of the Southwest hit hard by wildfires (4); and an exposé which takes another look at climate changes that spell drought for much of the southern United States, increasing the wildfire danger considerably (5). Residents of Abilene have been warned by the Texas Forest Service to use caution due to the extreme wildfire danger (6); while firefighters in Alachua County, Florida, battled half a dozen wildfires over the weekend, one of which exceeded 300 acres (7). A fuel management open house will be held in Clearwater, British Columbia, Canada, on Wednesday (8). The importance of the UN's International Year of Forests to Russia, where one fifth of the world's forests are located, is examined in the next item (9). A success story from the Himalayan nation of Bhutan tells how villagers who used to start wildfires now help to prevent them (10); but Malaysia's struggles to preserve forest habitat are examined in the next article (11). Heading to Australia, Country Fire Authority is concerned about low attendance at FireReady Victoria meetings, feeling it may show complacency on the part of homeowners living in bushfire country (12); while a Black Saturday bushfire survivor living in Mudgegonga lost an estimated $80,000 in possessions to thieves (13). South Australia's Country Fire Service is warning that the bushfire danger is elevated over the next few months (14); something which helped expedite plans to protect endangered black-footed rock wallabies from bushfires (15). A couple living along Queensland's Sunshine Coast was thunderstruck when their insurance premiums skyrocketed due to the bushfire danger (16). And finally, an article from the Washington Post takes a look at the latest drones which could be used for tracking wildfires from high overhead!

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