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Friday, December 31, 2010


The impact of Arizona's 2002 Rodeo-Chediski Fire on the earth's atmosphere is examined by our first item today (1); while a 900-acre wildfire sparked by a downed powerline in West Texas has nearly been snuffed out (2). The South Carolina Forestry Commission reported a $100,000 theft of essential firefighting equipment from one of their supply depots (3); but an article from British Columbia, Canada, reflects on this year's active fire season in which fires burned up millions of dollars along with the trees (4). An article from Lebanon laments the lack of funding available to reduce the incidence of wildfires in that Middle Eastern country (5); and firefighters in the Himalayan nation of Bhutan had to dodge falling boulders while fighting a 1,000-acre wildfire (6). The long-running debate over climate change gets another look in a story from Australia (our first of 2011!) (7); where a number of bushfires were reported in Victoria yesterday (8); and the threat of catastrophic bushfires even had an impact on trash collection in South Australia's Adelaide Hills (9). As a bushfire continued to burn in Western Australia's D'Entrecasteaux National Park, control lines are in place to limit its spread to 18,000 ha (10). And finally, a retired San Leandro, California, firefighter is ringing in the New Year in style after winning $8.4 million at a Lake County casino!

(1) Rim Country wildfires can affect the planet

(2) Fire In Balmorhea Nearly Out 12/30/10

(3) Disaster-aid items stolen from Forestry

(4) Wacky weather leaves wild memories

(5) Wind, fire and political inertia take toll on environment

(6) 1,000 acres of pine razed in four days

(7) Believe it or not, climate debate heats up

(8) Firefighters contain fire at the Clunes shooting range

(9) Weekend wait for rubbish collection

(10) Bushfire alert continues for coastal blaze

(11) Retired firefighter wins $8.4 million at casino

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